Symptoms of Heavy Metal Toxicity

Symptoms of toxicity are vastly different. Heavy metals and toxins can cause an enormous spectrum of diseases and symptoms from migraines to cancer.

Toxicologists would always measure the toxic level of a substance by providing mice an increasing dose to see at which point 50 % of them died out. This was then viewed as the toxic dose. This technique has been discredited, because we now know that even very low levels of toxins can lead to a gradual build up in the body after a period of time, causing serious effects and disruptions without necessarily causing instant death.

Continued exposure to low levels of toxins often leads to heavy metal toxicity and symptoms. Sadly we live in an environment where toxins are commonplace. The EU has acknowledged that 99 % of chemicals on the market nowadays are improperly regulated. Further, more safety information on 20 per cent of the most highly used chemicals has either never been collected or is not publicly readily available.

Sad to say very little research has been carried out to evaluate exactly which chemicals and metals are linked to which diseases. Such research is very expensive, and it is not necessarily in the best interest of those companies with huge research budgets at their disposal.

Below is a list of symptoms that are commonly associated with, or compounded by heavy metal toxicity:


* Cancer – Mercury, Arsenic, Aluminum, Uranium, Nickel

One of the most documented properties of certain heavy metals is their carcinogenic [cancer causing] effect. Some doctors estimate that up to 80% of cancers are caused by environmental factors such as toxins and heavy metals

* Autism – Mercury

Autism has been described as a “novel form of mercury poisoning” as mercury toxicity in children causes autism like effects. Children with autism usually exhibit high levels of mercury, which is thought to be a major contributing factor to the disease. Recent years have seen a dramatic increase [over 400%] in autism cases, which has been linked to the use of Thimerosol in vaccines. Thimerosol contains 50% mercury and its use is highly controversial

* Alzheimer’s – Aluminum, Mercury

* Parkinson’s – Mercury

* Heart diseases – Arsenic, Uranium, Antimony, Nickel

* Kidney diseases – Mercury, Lead, Thallium, Uranium, Cadmium

* Liver failure – Thallium, Uranium, Cadmium, Antimony

* Lung & Respiratory diseases – Arsenic, Antimony, Nickel

Naturally, the list is near endless. Some metals and toxins can also cause bone diseases, blood diseases, or strokes. Aside from those serious illnesses, minor ailments are also often caused by all those toxic heavy metals that have accumulated in our body over time

* IBS/Bloating

* Migraines/Headaches

*Chronic Fatigue

* Allergies

* Depression/Mood swings

* Insomnia

* Painful joints

* Twitching of muscles

* Poor circulation